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Dec 28, 2020
My Puddles is a relatively new layer. A few weeks ago her vent became swollen. We separated her from other two ducks, a male and female to give her a break. We have been soaking her in Epsom salts and treating with triple antibiotic cream. Any suggestions for what is wrong and how to cure her. It gets a little better and then gets swollen again. Thank you in advance!
Could you part/ if needed trim some of the feathers around her vent, so we can see the area a little better?

From what I'm seeing it appears she has had a cloacal prolapse. That is predominantly caused by internal pressure inside the vagina due to an egg, or buildup of fecal matter. Seeing a vet will likely prove the best prognosis, but if that is not an option, I would try picking up some Preparation H, or some DMSO gel, and apply a good coating around the area. That will help reduce some of the swelling going on, to the point you may be able to gently apply pressure and tease the tissue back in.

In addition, keep her in a warm, humidified room, and offer her sugar water or an electrolyte often. Administration of a calcium supplement such as tums, or calcium gluconate may prove beneficial if the problem is related to a calcium insufficiency.
It appears more swollen. How would I tell the difference between a prolapse and swelling? There isn’t any tissue protruding. The feathers around her but keep turning brown and the vent opens and looks cut. I am not sure if that’s from the egg laying or her being over mated. She has no problem pooping and her eggs have been healthy. She eats, and drinks and preens. The feathers around her vent have been compromised because of the antibiotic ointment so that may be why they are brown all the time. She is in her house for the night I will try and get a better pic tomorrow.
With the pictures you provided, I'm still unable to make out the exact details of what's going on near her cloaca (besides it looks similar to a minor prolapse). If you could trim some of the feathers around the tissue, wet it down well, then post pictures that may help.
I will post post better pics tomorrow. I thank you for a such a quick response and your willingness to help!
I have attached a new pic. We have separated her and bathed her in Epsom salts. I treated her with vetericyn and hydrocortisone. I believe you are correct that it’s is a prolapse. Thoughts or suggestions.
Yes, that is a prolapse. If you have applied the ointment, you may attempt to gently tease the tissue back inside. If that does not work seeing a vet will likely be best as they may be able to suture the tissue back into place.

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