fence height for Leghorns


11 Years
Apr 17, 2010
North Alabama
I don't want my chickens flying over to the neighbors, so I need to know if my fence is adequate before I let out my young "light" chickens, and especially before I buy a whole batch of Leghorns. I have a 6 foot board fence (with vertical boards, so not much footing for the chickens to use for climbing.) Will this be adequate so they don't just fly out?

A.T. Hagan :

Six feet should be enough for Leghorns, but I'd still give them a wing trim just to make sure.

Yup!!! Mine are quite the flighty birds!!​
I've never had Leghorns before, but I do have a California White, which is ½ Leghorn and ½ California Gray. She can fly up over 8' if she wants to. We discovered this when my son was working on the roof of the coop and Nellie (the CA) was wondering what he was doing up there. That was with both wings clipped. We decided it was a good idea to enclose the run seeing we have close neighbors and several of them have hunting dogs.

Oooh... okay... maybe I'm back to the idea of just Barred Hollands for my white eggs!
Thanks for the info!

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