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5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Firstly hi from a newbie! I am not new to keeping chickens having grown up on a farm but I am building a run in our back garden for the first time. The coop is done and now I need to fence off the run area (approx 5x3 metres). Planning a 4 ft high fence, how far do I need to bury the posts? Is 2ft enough with no concrete or do I need a rethink?

Thanks all :)
Wooden posts should go below your frost line, which you can look up for your part of the country. Metal T-posts, not so deep, 18-24 inches.

Freezing can eventually shove a post in concrete upward if not deep enough.
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Thank you, I've never heard of the frost depth before, I'm in the UK so maybe it has a term here? All the maps I can find are for USA.

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