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  1. seems like my new batch of hens are determined to keep me herding! The previous bunch did not continue to hop up on the split rail fence like these do. I have heard that they prefer a solid landing object like the rails (which the wire fence just meets) so I am considering putting a wire strand on the top over the rails. Wonder if this will work to keep them off the fence rails (and out of the neighbor's yard. oh btw, my young neighbors have gotten good at herding the renegades back into my fence yard also! lol)
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    I don't know. I had a 6' fence, and by fence I mean loose hanging fence that didn't have any railing on top of it, and one of my hens, bantam hen at that, decided to make a flying leap at it and made it. She stayed on top of the fence for a bit then hopped down. Just letting you know that you might still have a problem with them landing on that wire and hopping over.
  3. Thanks! maybe still wonder then if I attempt it, if I should make the wire not so tight. kinda wobbly so they don't like it. also thinking I might have a wing clipping session....lol
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    Not so sure about them not liking a swinging fence. One of my pullets likes to roost on a swinging cord in the coop. Seems to enjoy the balance act:)
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    Quote:Mine 2. [​IMG]
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    go to lowes hardware in the garden section and ask for wildlife netting 7' x 50' or 100' dont remember but it cost like $13. it is thin netting but it will keep your chickens in
  7. jeez, I've had mine on the swings in the yard too...lol. ahhh yes, netting...thanks for the reminders!

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