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Jan 12, 2016
Hey there, I have got a flock of hens at my house but the problem is that they keep loitering around the whole area which causes distraction to my family as these flock even come inside the house. I would like creating a privacy by building a simple wooden fence around these flock somewhere between the garden so it looks good too. It is also a good method of managing the waste produced by the flock. I have had a talk with the 'Infinity Gardens' located at Canada who says that they can help me with the proper landscaping around. I would like to know if you guys have any objection in me going with them. If yes, please suggest me someone better.
Well, probably not many people here on this forum live in your area and can give you recommendations for fence builders.

If you click on the Forum Nav. scroll down the list to the Social section, click on "Where am I? Where are You?" you can probably find people who live near you who can be a big help.
I realize poultry netting isn't the prettiest thing but electric nets provide several things a wooden fence wont. Protection, animals can climb over and dig under wooden fence. Portable, a wooden fence once up it there to stay. You can't move it to stop the death of lawn or provide fresh grazing for birds. Ease of installation, I can put up a 164' net with hotgate and ground rod in an hour. That's moving it from one location around bushes and trees to another set up. A shorter fence in back yard would be that much easier, the hard part is carrying 164' so a 50' or 100' fence would be a breeze.

Just a thought.

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