Fence Question - Welded Wire, Cornering

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    May 21, 2011
    We've had a nice, beautiful coop and run done for sometime now, but we've run into a new problem -- we love to let our urban chickens run around in our yard, and they in turn love to eat our garden and poop on our patio (they spend a good part of their day staring into our house via the slider door and pooping on the mat).


    In addition to their run, I want to build a short fence around our back-most yard. This will give them a ton of extra space to roam our yard during the day, but keep them out of our garden and patio.

    This will require an L shaped fence. The L is 19 feet by 15 feet.

    We're using 6 foot metal stakes driven 2 feet into the ground, and 4 foot tall welded wire. (Yes, the chickens could potentially fly over this, but it's not their main run, so is more just for deterrent purposes when we do let them out.

    Question: How do I position my corner stake? Can I use the same 6 foot metal stake? Do I need to do a stronger, wooden post there with a concrete base? Do I bend the wire at a 90 angle before installation? Etc.

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    The wire cloth won't bend well (and by well I mean easily). Best bet is to cut it to length for each section. The stake should be sufficient.

    How did you plan on attaching the fencing to the stakes?
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    What kind of "welded wire" fencing are you using? Cattle/hog panel?
    We created our exterior run out of cattle panel, even used a piece of the panel for the gate. We attached them with wire and this is what we did for the gate:


    Here's a pic of the whole run made out of the cattle panel - might give you an idea. We ran extra wires through the larger slots to give the illusion for the chicks to try not to land on it.

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    Feb 28, 2012
    The cattle panels in the pics would be hard to bend but I used welded wire fencing and it will bend into a 90 degree corner. Takes a little work to do it, but can be done. Pick where you want the bend, lay a 2x4 or something stiff on it, stand on it or have someone else hold it where you want the corner and bend. I've also done it by hand one row at a time. You will have sore hands if you do it that way but it works.
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