Fenced in run for hens


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7 Years
Jul 25, 2012
Atlanta Georgia USA
This Fall, want to add an enclosed run for my 10 hens.
Have looked at this site for ideas about keeping run
predators safe and have learned a lot. Plan on
putting post and fencing in concrete footing so nothing
can dig under the wire to get inside. (I have a fox
who visits every once in awhile.) Will cover all sides
and top with small hole hardware or what I call "rabbit
wire." Wondering about the floor in the run, is it best
to leave it bare dirt or cover with something like
gravel, shavings like I use in the coop, or some sort
of other material. Any suggestions would
be helpful. This site is a fountain of good ideas.....

4 the Birds

9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Westfield, Indiana
You could throw some cement in your post holes but just add a mesh skirt out from your run. This will deter predators from digging at the fence line. I add straw and pine chips to the run to knock down any mud during Spring thaws. Some use sand in the run. Hope this helps!


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