Fencing for new coop/run mink proof?

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    We live in NW Louisiana...and have many predators such as racoon, opossum, armadillo(not sure if they are predators), fox, and hawks. Just learned that a friend lost a favorite polish hen to a mink. We have not put our chicks out yet, but our run is constructed of galvanized welded wire fence with 2x4 holes. We buried it as well as put a rock apron around the perimeter and the top is also fully fenced and partially covered with shade cloth. The chickens will be secure in their house at night...if anything gets in there they will need dynamite...but I am concerned about mink and their daytime habits when the hens are in their run? Are they small enough to fit through a 2x4 opening? Compared the the dog yard which is adjacent and fenced in chain link...the holes seem smaller. Also...will the predators be as likely to come around with two beagles close by? Since I am not familiar with mink...I am not sure what to expect?

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    They can get thru 2x4 mesh if it is aboveground. Your buried stuff is probably fine, but I would for sure add hardwarecloth (or at least 1x1 mesh) to the aboveground run fencing.

    Now, that said, I am not sure I've ever heard of a daytime mink attack/sighting, they are pretty nocturnal... but yeah, if it were me, I would for sure add smaller stuff on the bottom portion of the run fence, and maybe everywhere if there was a known problem.

    Predators are generally a bit shyer if they smell dogs around, and of course much shyer if actually being chased by dogs [​IMG], but personally I think it is a big mistake to rely on that as an integral part of your predatorproofing strategy. To me it is more like 'the cherry on the top' so to speak, and you should be satisfied with your OTHER measures even in the absence of the dogs.

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