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10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Currently around the coop there is a 4' tall chain link fence. Obviously, that isn't sufficient. My thought is to expand it to 8' tall chain link and back it with that wire mesh stuff whose name I have temporarily forgotten, then do some chicken wire on the top to keep the hawks out. I have a dog that keeps raccoons at bay and will put the chickens in the coop at night, the coop itself is very secure, it's just the yard I'm worried about now.

Would that be sufficient, do you think?
I think it would be fine. I built my run the same way because where I am and where my coop/run is located (lots of human activity all day, every day) I don't have daytime predators except hawks. I have perimeter fencing with hot wire around my entire place so I don't have stray dogs or anything else coming in.
I didn't cover my 6' chain link run BUT i did run a electric fence around the top about 4" from the Chainlink.

That's what we have. We ran 8ft chain link around the perimeter of the 24X24 run then I hog ringed 1" chicken mesh up 4ft on the inside and then across the top we ran 2" chicken mesh. I'll take pictures in the daylight and share.
Want to save some money?

Keep your 4' chainlink fencing. Since you are going to need supports for the chickenwire or whatever you want to cover the run with, make *them* 6' tall, so that the main part of the run is tall enough to stand up in, just have it slant down at the edges to your existing chainlink fence. Ta da
(And, yes, run something small-mesh along the bottom 2-3' of the chainlink, as you've planned)

Good luck, have fun,

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