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so i have been looking at pictures of ducks and chicken and i have noticed that none of the fencing has roofs over it...why do they not fly away? i have chickens and turkeys and i spent days on the roof making sure that nothing can get in or out...Im curious if i can just clip a wing and be done with it..I cant free range due to neighbors dogs
Clipping wings doesn't always work. There are many threads on here about people having the wings clipped and the birds still flying over the fence. Heavier breeds tend not to fly as high but still can. I free range with a 4' fence and never had a problem with them going over, however sometimes they roost on the fence. Mine have free choice feed, good cover areas, and a good sized yard and I think this is why they don't leave. Something to think about for the cover is predators. I don't have many here and the ones I do have get shot and their bodies placed on the edges of my property to prevent more. My neighbors like this because it runs the predators out of their yards as well, however I live in the country and not all neighbors will be so understanding. Remember hawks and owls attack from above and if you have a problem with either the top is necessary for the safety of your flock.
Certain breeds fly better than others(some cannot at all) , while wing clipping is an option, you do have to be mindful.. wing feathers grow back quite quickly and a rather unexpected flight can occur.

All my birds here are full flight BUT for my best flyers(which are my calls) my run is covered, my scovies free range, so clipping would eliminate their form of protection and would be impractical, my big chickens are also full flight but they do hop with a quick flight up over a 4ft fence like it was nothing, again though they partially free range, so i will not clip, the silkies who do not fly much at all, are in a covered run.

You really have to evaluate your own situation, and birds abilities to decide which is right for you.
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