Fermented feed - is this a "cap"

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  1. Newchickey

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    Mar 27, 2014
    I read for many months before going to fermented feed. I am fermenting all whole grains. I have been so doing for 3 weeks. I have three bucks going and feed out of one, then that night add new grain and move to the next one for the next day. Literally over night I got this white film with more concentrated white dots. (the other two bucks are just bubbles as this point) There is no mold or alcohol smell, smells the same as the other two. I remember when I was reading and trying to decide whether do switch to this or not about a "cap" I understand what "mother" is, we make our own kombucha and ACV. This is sligtly slick to the touch, no bad ode\or. I have been looking for a picture of a "cap" I did read it was white and just stir it back in. Just wanting to check and see if anyone here has an opinion for mer.

  2. Sutremaine

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    Aug 19, 2014
    It looks kind of weird, but that might be the photo quality and pinking lighting. If it doesn't smell mouldy, and the birds eat it up, then it's probably fine. The texture of the topping that builds up on my ferment water has the same sort of wrinkly look as a chicken's ear lobe does.

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