Fermented feed recipes?

The above mentioned thread is AMAZING. So much great info. It helped me bunches. Still does!

I just did a 5 gallon bucket mother batch for my 4 week old CX meaties. I have 37 or 38 of them. (hard to count free ranging they're a lot more active than I thought they'd be!) This could easily be halved for layer chicks or quartered for smaller quantities of birds. One of the reasons its so awesome is the flexibility in making it. These guys eat waaaaay more than my layers at any age so I make a mother batch of fermented feed then use that for more. Use waaaaay less if you're only feeding a few layer babies! Lol

I used:

*My mixes vary I get what's a good price for the protein I need :) this batch was 12lbs chick starter-4lbs layer pellets. It's ok to mix it up just don't over dilute the main protein source.

16lbs dry feed (any feed you use, starter/layer/grains. In any form, pellets/mash/crumbles/whole or cracked grains)
3 gallons of water
1/4 cup liquid ACV

Mixed it really well. I keep a 4th gallon of water on hand if the feed if still too dry (it will absorb the water over an hour or so, longer for grains)

I have lids for my buckets that snap to close.

I use a plastic 2 cup measuring cup with a handle I got for $2 at the dollar store lol i drilled holes in the bottom of it as a scoop. The holes let any excess liquid drain back into the bucket when I'm feeding.

I set this scoop handle on the rim of the bucket and snap the lid half closed to allow it to breathe. Let it sit 24-72 hours depending on temp. Warmer (70s) ferments faster than colder.

It will bubble and smell a lil sour like dough but its npt a bad smell almost sweet. Means its working. Stir it when you feed. Every few feedings add feed and water if needed and stir well and keep a perpetual bucket going. Save the liquid from batches to jump start more batches for you or a friend that doesn't wanna wait :p future batches don't need more ACV, I do add a splash here n there, doesn't hurt but not "needed".



They get it from the start

And still rush me to get at it

This is the batch I just did.
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For my meaties, a day and a half. (36, 7 week olds and 49, 7 day olds) they consume tons of food compared to my layers.
For my layers (5 being fed), week or two. They all range dawn til dusk.
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