fertile duck eggs.....


11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Long Island, NY
hey i have a duck egg question... it is day 3 of incubation and i wanted to see if there was anyway i could tell if the egg was developing at all. all i saw was the yolk floating at the top of the egg and if i shift the egg (rolled it a little) it moved with the egg. i couldn't see any veins or anything... is that normal or are they just no good...
thanks for any help
I'd give it more time. Day 3 is early. Check again at day 10 and you should see veins for sure by then if it is developing.
Ok I got them shipped from someone on here and said they were fertile
maybe I just don't have a strong enough light!!!! Let's be hopeful! Anyone else who candled duck eggs this early ???
You are too early to tell
Maybe if you could see the white glob fertile eggs have but other than that wait a bit
Give them 10 or so days as others said and you will know
I generally dont even candel till 2nd or 3rd week
Can you see an air pocket ?
We could see definite veining at Day 5, but we have a good LED flashlight and our eggs are pale cream colored. I would wait a few more days and try again before making any decisions!
I would wait until day 10-14 I just hatched my first set of duck eggs there shells are a little thicker it seems than the chicken eggs and I had a hard time telling early on wether or not they were developing for sure. By day 14 it is obvious wether or not there is something in there. Hope this helps. It's so hard to wait.
Waiting is THE hardest part!!!! I really want to know!!!
I will wait! I am setting 3 silkie eggs under the same broody on Friday so I will hopefully have ducklings and chicks hatch at the same time!!! Can't wait

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