Fertile egg yolk?


Jun 12, 2019
I’m seeing conflicting info on the subject so just want to know, does this egg appear to be fertile? I know it’s okay to eat either way but if it is a I have a cock in the hen house that I wasn’t aware of lol only two of six have started laying so though I was pretty positive at this point they were all female I’m a little worried over the yolk. I’m a newbie so I greatly appreciate the help!


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No cock-a-doodling either? That is puzzling. Maybe I am wrong, but the bulls eye sure looks like the ones in my fertile eggs. I have roosters galore and a recent successful hatch. Do you see any roo dances? Roos will shuffle around the other birds, holding a wing down. They will also call to the hens when they find a tasty bite and will pick it up and drop it repeatedly to entice and offer it to the hens.
Looks fertile to me. You could post pics of your birds and we could play guess the roo. You haven't seen any mounting?
Not at all! And everyone looks the same to me feathers and comb/wattle. All but one have bright red combs too like they’re ready to start laying (if they haven’t) including a pic of the only one without a bright red comb. Will have to get a group pic tomorrow.


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This is a bad pic but three I know for sure haven’t laid any eggs yet. Ugh! No signs at all of mounting or any rooster dances.


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I thought it was a big, bright comb on the white bird, too. Would be helpful to see the saddle feathers and tail area.

These chickens are 12 weeks old in my picture. You can see the one rooster I have in this group. The other two white(ish) ones have much lower and pale comes in comparison!

Some pullets can fool you with bigger and red combs. But at this size, nice good comb and red is a good sign before the saddle feathers come in!


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