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Mar 15, 2008
We put as many eggs as we wanted in the incubator and we were just wondering that is we put the fertile eggs in the refrigerator if they could be sold to eat? Thanks
Any that did not get put in the incubator could be sold, All(most)of mine are fertile, they go into frig, and are sold or eaten. The only question I would ask is how old are the eggs that you didnt put in the incubator?
The eggs i get for selling i would collect daily i dont have any saved to sell yeah since i was collecting for the bator..i was wondering for a first hatch is 18 eggs a good number?
How many can your bator hold???
How many are chicks are you wanting??
Is fertility an issue??

I would always start with more than you want, incase they dont all take. and who can resist an extra chick or two.

Another consideration is are you hatching to get X number of replacement hens, if so you need to start with at least 2 x the amount of eggs you want to end up with + more if your luck is like mine.

Edited to add: another factor is how many eggs are you getting daily Once you have saved for more than a week the hatch rate starts to drop
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My bator holds 50 eggs umm i get between 6 and 8 eggs a day so it only took me 2 or 3 days to get the ammount i have in the incubator and i guess i was between 15 and 18 chicks.

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