Fertile Hatching Eggs-Available year round, quantities of 6, 12, etc

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    Day Old Chicks (we ship!*) and Fertile Hatching Eggs. Hatching through 9/2/16.
    Fertile Eggs are available year round.
    Breeds Available include: Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Norwegian Jaerhon, Plymouth Barred Rock. All breed descriptions are listed below (in alphabetical order).

    • We are What Da Flock Farm, LLC, located in Pleasant Prairie, WI, just off of I-94 about 4 miles north of the WI-IL border.
    • We are NPIP certified.
    • Price list is at the bottom of the page.
    • We ship day old chicks and fertile hatching eggs nationwide, (Additional charges apply; please contact us for a price quote and availability.)
    • Suggested minimums to ship are: 12 day old chicks, 6 started chicks, 4 started birds, and 1 young adult-minimum quantity orders must ship priority mail express. Started chicks, started birds, and young adults will be available to ship through Oct 28th.

    • Ameraucana: The Ameraucana is one of the laying breeds often referred to as an “Easter-egger” due to the beautiful blue eggs they lay. An Easter-egger though, is commonly a mixed breed of any colored egg laying parentage (Ameraucana, Araucana, Olive Eggers, etc.) and their eggs will vary in color. A pure bred Ameraucana lays only blue eggs. They are very sought after, not only because of their pretty eggs, but also their winning personalities and hardiness. They have a small pea comb and are bearded (as opposed to having wattles) making them resistant to frostbite; they lay very well through the winter months, and are pleasantly companionable. They do sometimes go broody, wanting to remain in their nests and hatch eggs. This breed adapts well to either confined or free-range environments. They lay 180-220 med-large blue eggs per year and weigh 6-7 lbs at maturity. They are a great breed for new chicken owners and children, who particularly enjoy their outgoing nature and colorful eggs.
    • Black Australorp: The Black Australorp is originally from Australia, but is a recognized American Heritage Breed. They are a semi-rare breed, but are very popular among small flock keepers because of their excellent egg laying. The Black Australorp is large breed, producing ample meat, but was intended for producing eggs. They are sturdy layers even during the colder months, putting them at the top of “best egg laying breeds” lists. They produce 240-280 large brown eggs a year. Though they lay very well through the winter, they are not considered to be particularly cold hardy and need to be monitored for frostbite in colder regions. They have attractive, all black, shiny plumage, but please be aware that this can cause them to overheat during hot summer months or warmer regions. They do well in free range or enclosed settings. They typically weigh 6 lbs for pullets and 8 lbs for roosters at 9 months of age. Please note: This breed can sometimes be aggressive towards smaller breeds.
    • Buff Orpington: The Buff Orpington Chicken is an English breed well known for being one of the top dual purpose chickens available. They are considered to be very good layers, providing 200-280 large-extra large brown egg per year in addition to providing substantial meat with a mature weight of 8 lbs for hens and 10 lbs for rooster at approximately 9 months of age. What sets the Orpington apart from other breeds its warm and friendly demeanor; they are commonly regarded as the “lap bird” of the chicken breeds. This is a perfect breed for first time chicken keepers, particularly for homes with young children.
    • Golden Laced Wyandotte: The Golden Laced Wyandotte originated in Wisconsin in 1880. They are a very docile bird, and particularly cold hardy due to the rose comb and short wattles. These chickens have beautiful, golden feathers rimmed with black (“lace”), and a ring of bright gold around their necks, though some of the hens do develop a double-laced pattern which is also attractive. The roosters are brightly multi-colored. Hens will occasionally go broody wanting to lie on their nests, making them excellent mothers. They adjust well to confinement or free range and make a great backyard chicken. The Wyandotte is considered a dual-purpose chicken laying 180-260 large light brown eggs per year, and provide ample meat weighing 5-1/2 lbs for hens and 7-1/2 lbs for rooster at 9 months of age.
    • Norwegian Jaerhon: The Jærhøn originates in Norway, developed over decades of breeding. The result is an attractively colored, very small breed of chicken that are rarely broody, almost never aggressive, and produce a med-large, white egg at very near the production rate of commercial laying breeds. Their coloring and plumage is not only unique in appearance, but also produces offspring that are auto-sexing. In other words, the sex of a chick can be identified by their color upon hatching. The Jaerhon is an extremely rare chicken breed in the United States but is quickly gaining in popularity. Owners are overwhelmingly pleased with the breed and vow to always include them in their flocks. The Jaerhon is a very friendly, cold-hardy breed, whose hens are very active layers who are regarded as the “small chickens who lay lots of large eggs” sometimes exhausting themselves in the process. They are excellent for small backyard flocks and great for families with young children. Mature weight is typically 4-5 lbs. It is very important to note that this chicken breed does best in contained areas due their outstanding flying ability, or curb flightiness by clipping the wings regularly (be sure to research the proper procedure for clipping chicken wings).
    • Plymouth Barred Rock: The Plymouth Rock is one of the most common chicken breeds found in the US. This breed is particularly cold-hardy and egg product is good during cold weather months. The Plymouth Rock is a dual-purpose breed providing 200-280 large brown eggs per year, as well as ample meat weighing approximately 7 lbs for hens and 9 lbs for roosters at maturity (about 9 months of age). The “barred” variety is popular due to its attractive plumage coloring. This breed is excellent for backyard flocks, they are rarely aggressive and are excellent foragers that can be put to use in your garden for weeding and pest management.

    2016 PRICE LIST

    Buff Orpington Black Australorp Barred Rock

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Ameraucana Norwegian Jaerhon
    pre-order & day old chicks


    chicks 2-5 weeks


    started birds 6-9 weeks


    young adult birds 10-20 weeks


    fertile hatching eggs 6 ct


    fertile hatching eggs 12 ct



    fertile hatching eggs mix 6 ct

    choose breeds from both pricing groups

    fertile hatching eggs mix 12 ct

    choose breeds from both pricing groups

    * chick prices listed are for straight runs, add $0.25 each for sexing
    ** we ship nation-wide, additional charges apply.

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