Fertile or not?


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Bel Air, Maryland
I'm new to this chicken stuff...am wanting to know if you think these silkie eggs are fertile or not?
I dont think so. Normally you will see a small redish spot inside the clear fluid of the egg. This is what most people try to see early when candling.
If this is a fresh egg, then it shoulkd have a "bulls eye". I know there are pictures on one of the threads. It's hard to tell in the smaller eggs. I think it is a fertile egg but I could be wrong.
Yes it was fresh out of the nest box....I am planning on putting some in the inky, so wanted to see if the were fertile or not. Thank you for your reply.
I'd say its fertile. All my eggs look like that fresh out of the box. I have 39 out of forty that are incubating and looking good after candling. If you have a rooster around your hens your going to have mostly fertile eggs.

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