Fertiled eggs in winter, but how long can they stay in the cold and still be able to hatch?

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Jul 28, 2008
One of my OEGB hen laid six eggs within a week now and will most likely lay more. My question is, if I was to leave the eggs in the nest box, how many days can they stay cold before they go bad? Because she's not done laying so she's not sitting on them yet. I was thinking about taking the eggs inside to keep them warm at room temperature and used some dummy eggs till she's ready to sit.
If they eggs stay over 40 and under 90, they will remain viable. If they freeze, nada. If they get too warm and start to incubate, nada. Ideally, they should be kept cool (like 50s) and turned 2-3x a day until you begin to incubate.
If it gets really cold in the coop your idea with the dummy eggs is good. I'm not sure exactly what the lowest temperature is that a hatching egg can withstand, but room temperature is ideal.
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Thanks for responses.

It's not cold enough to freeze the water so that should be fine?

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