Fertility issues: too much scratch? Too much wormer? Too many boys?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by teddiliza, Oct 26, 2009.

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    This summer, my little japanese cockerel was at 100% fertility! But this fall, he hasn't been paying as much attention to his two favorite hens. My last attempted hatch of 10 or so eggs were NILL. I do throw about a cup of scratch out daily to all 20 birds, and feed them layer ration, and no one appears sick. I do have a bunch of younger cockerels who are just now starting to come of age, and I wonder if my little japanese boy is too busy 'being boss' and strutting his stuff to fertilize the eggs. I managed to rehome one cockerel, but still have two more to rehome to even the numbers up a bit. They have plenty of yard and coop space. I did use both Wazine, and then pour on Ivermectin 2 months ago to worm and delouse them. I was just wondering if the ratio was the problem or if I unknowingly sterilized my chickens.....
    I've read on here that Wazine leads to horrible hatches, and I was wondering how long I can expect that to last.
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    There doesn't seem to be anything in your post that suggest any red flags, the extra Roosters maybe but still can't single anything out. I don't think the Wazine and scratch could cause any infertility, although I use scratch as a treat I may give the some maybe once a week. but still nothing to suggest infertility.

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    Many things can be affecting his fertility.

    The season and the younger boys is likely the biggest one because the wormer was a few months ago. Usually you're safe to say that the wormer is well out of their system in 4-6 weeks if they are the types meant for chickens. The season could be stressing him out a bit along with the competition, so he is spending less time with his hens. A cup of scratch to 20 birds is probably not too much so don't worry about that. The little guy should be able to keep up on up to a dozen hens if he's "hot stuff." The only other issue could be that the hens are not letting him get them, and the season is lowering their fertility too. Shorter day hours and cooler weather can just make reproduction rates drop since historically they do best in semi tropical climates.

    I'd get rid of all the extra boys and try incubating a week after they are gone to see what you have.

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