Fertilization ?


13 Years
Aug 26, 2009
I have 3 young hens that have not started laying yet but have been with my Royal Palm tom that has been mating with them. After letting them out of the pen this last weekend, i heard a comotion and 4 of the local boys (wild Rio Grande) had come calling. They stayed most of the day and I saw them mate with all of the girls. What I'm wondering is how long until the hens lay might there be fertile eggs from these matings?
A hen can stay fertile up to 45 days after she has been bred. If your hens are getting out everyday, they are laying eggs somewhere.
No, they are normally penned up; I only let them out for about an hour in the evening after get home from work and am feeding where I can keep an eye on them. I let them out early on Sunday because I was going to be home all day.No eggs yet.
Must be soon then. Mine are always laying when they are breeding. Usually my first year breeders lay before breeding starts. In the fall some lay but stop breeding at the end of the year

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