Fertilized eggs won't develop?


Jun 27, 2019
Tallahassee, FL
I recently got some shipped eggs from a friend. Today I opened some of the eggs that didn't show development after 10 days. Some yolks were still intact and not rotten. Some have bullseyes. Why haven't those eggs started development? Can an infertile rooster that shoots blanks still add the bullseye?! I am confused. Lol
Shipped eggs are tricky.

Did you let them set for 24 hours before putting in the incubator?
Did you check air cells before starting incubation?
Did you make sure the incubator was holding stable temp and humidity for 24 hours prior to setting eggs?
where they hand turned at least 3 times a day or in an egg turner?
What was the elevation they were laid at and your elevation difference?
What kind of incubator were you using and was it still air or fan?

no tagging the lady that helped me get through bad hatches lol @Ridgerunner

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