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  1. jtr

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    May 6, 2011
    how do i tell if eggs are fertilized and what age do roos and hens have to be to produce them
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    my hens layed eggs at 6 months old nad my roo mated them at 7 months. all eggs were fertile. i put them in the bator to c if they were good. it all depends on the roo tho. hens wont lay till they are at least 6 months
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    To tell if your eggs are fertile you need to crack some eggs open and look for the bulls-eye. I just plan on having an egg for breakfast and break open the egg in a small bowl and look for the bulls-eye. If the boys are young they may be shooting blanks. They may need some practice. Usually when you first notice them mating in about 3 weeks most of the eggs should be fertile. It takes awhile for the male to get in gear in the beginning.

    Infertile egg.

    Fertile egg.

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