fetile...how long?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
palm bay, FL
i just had a problem with my neighbor, and had to get rid of my rooster. so ikept my hens.... how long will the hens stay fertile without a rooster? cause my orpington started to lay eggs and has 5 eggs, but doesn't lay on them..... can anyone help me?
thank you
They should continue to lay fertile eggs for around 1-1.5 weeks.
I think most agree it's about 3 weeks. Although fertility does progressivly drop. So start saving those eggies and hatch hatch hatch. Sorry to hear about your roo.
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I lost my roos because they fought each other about 3 weeks back, and I am still getting eggs that are fertile....odd but hey....Im no chicken-olo-gist
If you're wanting to hatch some more save the eggs the hens are laying now and put them under a broody or in the bator. I don't reccomend putting them in the fridge though. Usually I'll put mine in the spare bedroom on the bed so they'll be undisturbed til I'm ready to set them.
Refridgerated eggs can hatch but usually not as well as nonrefridgerated ones. Hope yours do well for ya.
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well, i now see where my problems have been...thanks for straightening me out...we were not having much luck with the fridge ones
***a little 'enlightenment' goes a long way***lol

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