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Jun 7, 2009
I have a few questions about my little chickities. They are about 1 week old. We got them on Saturday june 6th and they were about 2 days old then. But we think our white cuckoo marans are older. (they look bigger and sturdier, if that makes sense)
1) I have my chicks in a little wooden barn (well acctually its not little, my dad never makes anything little:lol:)And a cardboard box around the front of it for more room. how the barn is constructed it has two "stalls" (each one big enough to fit all my 17 chickies comfortably) and then the cardboard wall connecting the two stalls together. They have sliding doors that cover the openings (makes it easy to catch them!). And the front wall is a half wall(like big windows). Today they have decided that they want to roost on the half wall. I was reading that they shouldn't start roosting until they are around 1 month old. What should i do about the half wall? should i find some way to cover it, or will they be fine.
2)i had my chicks on pine shavings, but they started scratching and eating the little pieces of shavings. I put them on paper towels for now, but i'm going through about a roll of papertowels a day(i change it 2 sometimes 3 times a day). I would like to switch them back, but i heard that if they eat the shavings they could die...what should i do?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I can tell you what I did. I kinda new to this also. My chicks are 2 weeks today. The first 3 days I had papertowels down, after that I did not use them anymore in the whole brooder but I did keep some under and around the waterer to keep them from kicking shavings in it. I put one peice of papertowel down and threw a little feed on top just to give them something to scatch at they seem to like it. also my 2 of my chicks started using the roost on day 3. I don't think it's bad for them or at least I haven't read anything on here yet. As far as eating the shavings I don't think there is much you can do about that but i'm not shure. Good luck with your chicks.
thanks for your help! I read that if the roosted too early that there could be a problem with their collar bone or something like that. I dont remember exactly...
I have another question that i would like answered kinda quickley...
On of my chicks's butt area is really big. bigger than any of my other ones. and it lays down a lot. My mom thinks it is poop impaction and i cant find a single thing about it on this site or on google! Can someone please help us? I don't want another of my chickies to die!!
Do a search on pasting up. I had one paste up and I used a warm water bath on the butt and a warm wet rag. Make sure to dry them well so they don't get chilled when you return them to the brooder. You might need to watch this carefully for a week or so, if it is indeed pasting up.

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