Few days old..


Mar 15, 2018
Rhode Island
We have a bantam chick just a few days old with a broken toe... do I try to splint it or see if it just does ok with the broken toe? The toe is folded under its foot so it’s constantly being walked on...
Could be not-broken. if it is broken this might help anyway. I'm not a vet or pro so I don't know everything you could do to help the little chick but...
poultry podiatry (because I like to litter links to this site around BYC)

And the below because it should work as a splint for the toe. Use masking tape, not duct tape or anything like it. Chicks have pretty delicate feet. (Also, note the 'remove in 3-4 days'? Don't. Change in 3-4 days to account for growth, and be very gentle doing it. Also, supplementing a few chick-vitamins can do wonders for bone health, if you have them.) Good luck; I hope he recovers well.

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