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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by bigspringshatchery, Oct 31, 2012.

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    I just purchased my first pair yesterday. They are about a year old. I am getting married on March 23rd and my [FONT=arial, sans-serif]fiancee loves peacocks and the colors. That is actually the color of our wedding. She is very excited about this. My first question is I am wanting to some how use the peacock during the wedding. I know I can't take him in the church, but I could put him outside in a cage somehow. I know the breeding season starts in March, so would the peacock still spread his fan without the peahen being there or would I also need to take her along? He is really tame. I can walk up to him and put my hands on him and everything. I am open to any ideas that would work for him to be able to show out at the wedding. I know that he would be a big hit. [/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]Another question is about feed. I've read that they need maintance feed, but my local feed store doesn't sell this. Would it be ok if I feed them regular laying pellets and added dry cat food to add the extra protein. I've read that a lot of people do this to add the extra protein. Also, can they safely eat whole corn? I like the give them some corn in the winter to help with the body heat, but I'm unsure if they or even my chickens can eat whole corn every day and be good with it. I can get whole corn that is from a local farmer for about 8 bucks for 50lbs and crack corn is about 14 for 50lbs. [/FONT]
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    I usually mix layer pellets with 5 way scratch and all the scraps from the house we have. Cat food during molting and breeding season along with oyster shell.

    As far as caging them.....They will do ok in a large x pen, but stake it down because if he gets spooked they are really strong. I have also seen them in really large/tall iron bird cages. It will just depend on how big his train is at the time. Cool idea! Good luck!!
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    You may have already looked at the Peafowl stickies?
    They can probably answer many of your questions (see below).

    As far as your wedding goes (congratulations!), I think AugeredIn is right, peas definitely don't display on command and he will be very nervous in a crowd of people. You might have to make do with feathers for decoration...

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    Hi Congrats on your wedding and getting your first peas!! I feed mine layer pellets all year long and whole corn. I stop the corn during breeding season for the breeders but still give the young ones the corn. I mix 50/50 or 4 scoops of pellets and 4 scoops of corn. I do not add cat food to my feed because the protein levels for me are to high (deli cat is 32%) and the first ingredient is almost always corn. Also most of the ingredients I cannot say LMAO! I also give bread cut into pieces, watermelon (just cut it in half and put in), blueberries, grapes and pieces of veggies or I will buy some canned no salt mixed veggies and give them.

    Caging the male will not get him to open the train. He will just sit there stressed out and looking sad. He belongs in his pen showing off to his bride too!
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