few questions as new to al this duck stuff


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May 23, 2012
ok so we have decided to get a couple of duckings next week as pets i think campbells but am open to any suggestions you may have.
anyway i am in manchester uk and i think we pretty much have all the research n info we need although a lot of it comes from us sites.
anyway this is such a silly question (i had a similar one when i had my daughter!) but say im out of the house for the day once the ducks are grown n outside do i have to put them in the over night coup or leave them out in the run???
the other thing is we wanted to try the diapers especially while they are teeny n in the house but i would need them asap, are there any lovely people who can help?either direct me to uk site or something?
the last one is about how much food i give them but the lady at the place we are getting them will prbably go over all that right?

ooohh so so excited i always wanted a duck or two!
Lovely news! Ducks!

When I must be away from home, the ducks get locked into the day pen, a 10'x16' (Let's see, roughly 9m x 5m?) fenced area attached to a (try metric again) 1.5m x 5m house/porch combination.

The day pen has fence top, sides and bottom. We have foxes, coyotes, wandering dogs, hawks, etc. and I want to be able to worry less about my ducks when I am away.

For winter, we have a walkout basement with a roughly 8 square meter (65 sf) indoor pen. Keeps them warm, and I don't have to shovel so much to take care of them.
thanks so much it gives me a better idea of what i need to be doing.we have a brick outhouse that locks so im thinking in winter we can let them in there id have for them to be cold in the great british weather we have!!
i thought of another question...ive been told that a dog kennel with surfice as a house for them is that right?
There are people on this site that make diapers. Look under the "Buy Sell" section under "Everything Else".

You can use a dog house as a sleeping pen for two ducks. Although you want to make sure there is ventilation - windows covered with hardware cloth, and a locking door, so they will be safe. We have a large well-ventilated coop where our ducks get locked up at night. That is inside a large pen area, fenced on all sides and wrapped in chicken wire, and then aviary netting over the top. When i'm home they wander all around our patio area off the back of our house. But if i leave for any reason, they go into their pen area. They have a large kiddie pool in there, too.

We don't have many predators, mainly neighborhood cats and the rare possum. But all my birds are locked up at night.
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thanks i will check in that section and hopefully get some shipped in next week before we go get the babies. so are campbells the best choice?
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