FF and fodder questions/ratio for egg layers

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    Oct 23, 2013
    so i have a young flock of layers, all ranging from 10 to 15 weeks. they have been on a fermented chick starter, and i have questions about once i switch them over to egg laying feed. i still plan on fermenting their feed (they cant get enough of it and i have almost zero waste!), but i have read it can increase protein too much and i should cut it with a cheaper grain (which grain i dont know).

    does anyone know anything about this? i am also starting to grow wheat fodder for them since they wont have access to greens for many months. i grew my first experimental tray this week and boy do they love it! i have read that fodder also has an increase in available protein. i also plan on sprouting some BOSS for them too. so can anyone give me advice on how to properly feed a laying flock with fermented feed and fodder? i dont want to screw them up, but so far i am in love with this and really want to make it work!

    thank you in advance :)

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