FFA/4H Meat pens - Your Preferred Souce of Chicks


8 Years
May 3, 2011
I am an FFA advisor. My students have been raising meat pens for a number of years. We have generally done well at our local fair. Just wondering if you think it makes a difference where you buy your CX chicks? Where do you get your chicks? We used to buy from our local feed store, but a few years ago switched to Hoover Hatchery in Iowa. We buy in larger quantities for a much better price. I tend to think that much of a successful meat pen comes from the quality of care it gets from the young person.



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Nov 22, 2011
Ledbetter, TX
Well, here the extension agent gets them from Ideal HAtchery and since it is less than an hour away, they pick them up. All of the 4-H'ers and FFA students then pick their chicks up at the Extension office. This way, all students showing against each other have a level playing field. Not sure if you coordinate with the 4-H agent where you are.
My son raised broilers in two different counties as a 4-H'er and all of the broilers came from Ideal.

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