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    Feb 18, 2009
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    We have a young man who works at our house several times a month. He's really a great kid, smart, hardworking, the kind that seems to be getting harder and harder to find. He's in the FFA at school and raised a pig this year. When I asked what he was planning on showing next year, he said probably a pig, alternatively a few other animals, and said he was hoping to be able to get a steer.I used to know a family that bred show pigs nearby and have won at some big shows, but my former friend and I have not spoken in years and are not likely to in the future. DH's family has a ranch down in Kingsville, and his uncle told him that his lifelong ranchhand raises cows and we could probably get one from him. DH and I would really like to help him, but we know nothing about livestock or FFA. We have no idea what type of animal. For instance, can you only get show stock or will "hatchery-quality" do? I imagine show quality would be better, but we have no idea how much anything costs and what we can afford. Would it be better just to donate some money? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    No clue as to how it works in Texas,

    In my area, there are certain people who auction fair lambs and fair
    hogs. Two different people, but each raise quality animals. But the
    kids do not have to buy from them...some are home born, some from
    other sellers.

    Just as long as the animal has records, in the child's possession by a
    certain date some months prior to the fair itself. Even the chickens had to
    have records.

    Helping the young man out is a wonderful ideal. I would suggest beginning
    by actually talking to the young man himself. Don't buy him a hog when he
    really wanted a steer sort of thing. Settle on the dollar amount you and your
    husband are willing to contribute towards the animal, talk to the young man
    and go from there? It may or may not cover the purhase price depending on
    what the animal is.

    Fair animals bring in pretty good money here with cattle, hogs and lambs being
    the big three. Most chickens- but not all- go back home. Don't think they even try
    to sell the bunnies and other small aminals.

    Other areas may do other things. I only know how my fair works.
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    You can probably call his school and speak with the Director of the FFA program. My DS is in the FFA program here in CT. How thoughtful of you to want to support this young man!!! Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!
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    Here the FFA has nothing to do with showing animals. Its all 4-H

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