Fight about it in court its fun for the whole family

I know there's nothing funny about your situation. I've been following this since your first post. But I got a little kick out of the bureaucratic logic presented. As a former member of my town's Planning and Zoning Commission and a current member of the Town Council, I know all about grasping at straws! At council meetings I'm known for two phrases - "It's not my money", "That's stretching it a bit, don't you think?" and for often casting the lone opposing vote.

So now, let me see if I've got this.....bears are attracted to poultry so you can't have poultry. Well, bears are also attracted to household and commercial garbage,(even if that garbage happens to be the dumpster behind the elementary schools) landfills, backyard ponds and water features, wild bird feeders, litter, smells from backyard barbecues and any food products or related trash in cars. So using their logic, are all garbage receptacles - especially near schools - in Denville bear-proof? Is your local landfill bear-proofed properly? Is every scrap of roadside litter picked up immediately? Are wild bird feeders hung at least 15 feet from the ground during the day and brought in at night? Are ponds inaccessible to thirsty bears? Are barbecue grills cleaned out immediately after cooking?

I mean, if that's the best they can come up with, seems like a pretty good counterpoint.
"Chinnadurai said he believed the ordinance should be revised to allow people to keep a limited number of hens — but, no roosters — as the town might be able to recover some revenue by having a permit process."

Why not fight it all the way? If people can have dogs that bark, why not roosters? And why should you have to have a permit to own a pet?

And if chickens attract bears, then so do dogs. And cats. And kids. Maybe they should have an ordinance banning children within 1500 feet of a daycare or elementary school. You know, it's for the children.


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