Fighting ducks??? Bagbalm for bleeding sores???

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by hereachick, May 20, 2008.

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    My ducks have been fighting as you all know. I have seperated them into different pens duirng the day far from each otherand are fine.At night they go into the coop one in one area the other in another they are seperated by chicken wire.Now the problem, They can barely reach each other thru the wire but, last night they pecked each other,thru the little section of netting they could stick their bills thru and pulled at each other until each was missing feathers.One the one who was the most dominate lost all his feathers on his chest and the area is now bright red and oozing blood slighlty the other just is missing a few feathers.Should I put bagbalm or even vaseline on this area to protect it or will he take care of it himself.
    It doesn't seem to matter who gets both females with them they still go out of their way to attack each other.I guess I'll have to put up a board between them at night so they can't see each other.
    I know people say to get 2 more females their age but, won't the dominant duck want them too? My husband doesn't want more ducks.He will only get them if we absolutly have too.They are relentless at pulling at each other the hurt duck actually went out of his way to try to attack the other one this morning.I don't want to give either away.Suggestions, thoughts,advice,all welcome.Should I use the bag balm or something on his bare,red,oozing chest? Thanks
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    Sep 18, 2007
    If the sores are open I would apply some neosorin without pain reliever.

    Once the sores scab over then bag balm would help keep things moistened.
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