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    I got some hens 2 weeks ago and now I got another single hen. Her friend was eaten by a hawk so I figured she needed some friends. I threw them in together and the new girl attacked my polish hen:(
    Any suggestions? What should I do?
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    Welcome to BYC!!!
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    [​IMG] can you put a temporary partition in your coop/ run so they can see each other but, not cause blood shed or death. Also a new bird in your flock- that hasn't been quarantined could introduce parasites or disease to your other birds.
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    May 9, 2013
    A forum member has already mentioned quarantining new birds,but since you have put them together already,probably to late for that. Also try to get birds in pairs,that way no new hen will be singled out. When you have different looking birds like silkies or polish it is common for other chickens to attack them b/c they look different,separate them so they can see but not touch. Keep separated for a week or longer(depends on how they act towards each other)let them out together with supervision and see how they behave together,they will eventually get along just may take some time.
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