figured out my bator problems i think....


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
ok so i decided to make a water wiggler. after one hatch with only one live chick and one hatch with none and it looks like only 1-2 will hatch this time, i wondered what was wrong!

so i filled a baggie with warm water.. put it in the bator and wated 3 hours.. then i took one of my digital baby thermometers and took the waters temp.... the hydro/ thermometer said 101.6... the temp of the water was only 94!!!! OMG when i put the water in it was at100!! GAH! so now i think i figured out why im having such bad hatches!! gonna get more eggs on tuesday i think and try again!
I noticed the same in my bator but I am affraid to up the temp any more than I already did at the start of this batch. I'm using my own eggs until I can get the kinks worked out of the bator. How long did your last batch make it before they quit?
i had over 3/4 of the eggs had viening on day 8. there were some that wernt fertile and some that had blood rings sooooo, when i candled on day 15, all but 2 possibly 3 eggs have blood rings and look as tho they quit around day 10. but the remaining 2-3 are still moving so im hoping that i will have a few hatch. *sigh* these eggs were local eggs cept for the dozen silkie eggs i bought from CJ. i have one egg from CJ that is still going the others are leghorn and a RIR egg.. maybe ill get 3 chicks i hope!

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