Figuring out my boys - please help


Apr 24, 2015
Hi there,

I have a wonderful 4-H girl that has offered to take my roosters for me. I know that I have one boy for sure, maybe 2 or 3. I would like for them all to go together, and don't want to accidentally give away a girl. I have checked once before, but not that everyone is a bit older, I would love to get more opinions. If you know that one is 100% a boy or girl, would you mind letting me know. Thanks so much! They are 13 weeks old.

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The Wyandotte and Buff Cochin are cockerels for sure. Fairly certain the others are pullets, but crested birds can be tricky until they develop secondary male feathering characteristics.
Thank you. That was what I was thinking (and confirms earlier opinions.) I still am questioning one though.
that's pretty much what I'm seeing also.

Is the firs bird a CCL? It's definitely a pullet, males won't have that coloring.
The Polish with it has a smooth bouffant headdress, so I'm thinking pullet. A comb shot would help confirm if you're concerned.
The Faverolles is a pullet, again males will have different coloring.
The buff bird looks female, there's not much comb there and it's small and fleshy. It is a big leggier, maybe a comb pic would help.
the Sebright looks feminine, but again a comb shot would help. They're hen feathered, so comb is about the best way to sex that breed.
The Polish with it is the only other possible cockerel I see. Can we get a profile shot of that bird, and a comb shot?
the slw is a cockerel.
The frizzle looks like a pullet, and a cutie at that.
The buff Cochin is a cockerel.
From the second pics, the Polish looks female.

That frizzle......huh. That's pretty red and some decent wattles for that age, but not as much as I'd expect for a cockerel. May well be a slow developing cockerel, though. I'd hold on to that one and see how it turns out. I know you're wanting to send all the cockerels at once, but it won't kill anyone to hold one possible back and add it later if that's the case.

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