filler for spaces in coop


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Raleigh NC
lets just get it out there...I have no building skills, and neither does my husband. So I tried to make a nesting box ( i thought it would be easy) but apparently I cannot draw or cut a straight line. The box is not have tight, or closed sides. One side has a about a half an inch space

Is there a filler i can use to close the gaps. I thought of spray foam, but that's probably toxic. I just want to plug it up with something.....

any suggestions will be a huge help.
Is the nesting box being placed inside the coop? If so then I wouldn't worry about the small gap. Don't think it will make a difference as they are just laying an egg in there and that's all.
I agree with the previous poster; people use things like plastic milk crates for their nestboxes. "Holey" isn't a problem. If the edges of the wood on your box are splintery, I'd sand it down, though.

Nestboxes can be pretty much anything. I use lidded plastic totes and a covered kitty litter box.
Totally agree! Some folks even use old milk crates for nesting boxes. As long as the gaps aren't big enough for an egg to roll through, your birds won't give a cluck how it looks.
Putty and paint make the carpenter what he ain't!

I'm sure it will be fine. If it really bothers you, cram some shingle pieces in the crack.

At least you are trying to build things! I can't say the same for myself, as DH is a professional.

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