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11 Years
Apr 28, 2008
Asheboro, NC
I had 16 meaties processed on Tuesday. Got them back today. They were 8 weeks and 5 days old.

I had 6 left whole and the other 10 cut up. They cut the largest birds up and left the smaller ones whole. The whole birds ranged from 6.5 - 8 lbs dressed. The boneless/skinless breasts weighed on average 3lbs per bird. I wish I had told them to leave the largest birds whole but I didn't. I am sure I would have had some 10+ lbs.

I fed start and grow for approx. 4 weeks. I then switched to a broiler ration. Toward the end I started adding scratch to the broiler feed. I added 25lbs to 50lbs of the broiler ration. The last week I added 25lbs of the scratch to 25lbs of the broiler ration.

All of the birds were healthy and fat. I could not be more pleased.



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Aug 6, 2011
In Happy Chickenland, Holland MI
My Coop
My Coop
OH! Thanks for sharing the feed method you used. This is my first time doing meat birds, and WOW they grow fast. I started them on Armada meat builder right off. I think I will try your method next time round. My meat birds also have access to a large outdoor pen for bugs and greens too.

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