Finally! A chocolate egg!

I LOVE dark chocolate eggs!! And those tiny spots are just perfect!!!!
I know, love the spots.

Yep, 2nd try to get a Marans. 1st one layed a light, light tan egg and wasn't a marans after all. This one is the real deal!!!
I'm envious! I have 3 BCM chicks but they're only two weeks old. I have a long time to wait for those dark eggs. What age did your BCM start laying?
Our BCM just laid her first egg this week and then laid a second egg as well! It was very exciting. Here's a picture of the first one.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

It's way darker than the picture showed and the second one was even darker. She is nine months old and wasn't in anybody's hurry to lay an egg. Silly girl. We are still waiting on the last of our pullets to lay...

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