FINALLY figured it out!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by wbruder17, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. wbruder17

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    This is my fourth hatch with my Slikie Mama. She NEVER gets off the nest. I have to put food and water in front of her face. She is VICIOUS on the nest too, but a great brooder and mama. She also goes broody llike clockwork and is impossible to break. So now I just let her hatch....however, she also NEVER gets off the nest to poop. And cleaning broody poop off the walls of a tupperware and out from under the bottom of a hen that draws blood with precision, I finally decided to pluck her off the nest once a day and.....low and behold! 30 seconds off the nest comes a nasty squirtiing broody poo. She clucks around a bit, poops some more, scratches the dirt, then a herd her back to the corner, grab her, and plunk her back on the nest where she happily tucks her eggs back under and settles in.

    Then I just take a hose to broody poo and poof! No cleaning nasty poo and gagging anymore! Why did it take me so long to figure this out?[​IMG]

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    you are lucky she waits 30 seconds. You should put warning tape around her - like caution broody poop - procede at your own risk !
  3. wbruder17

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Portland, OR
    Yea. I make sure its a quick move from broody box to grass. And since I do it every day, there isn't much "backup" in there. Luckily iit usually takes her a bit to figure out she's off the nest. Ii usually have to prod her a bit wiith my toe....
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    Quote:Is it really that bad? [​IMG] My girls are still to young and we have no Roo so no worries there.
  5. ChooksChick

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    I will do that and let them make their way back after a stretch. I just make certain to go check after an hour that they sat on the right nest!

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    Jun 16, 2010
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  7. wbruder17

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Portland, OR
    Yes. It really is THAT bad. If she won't get off the nest like she's supposed to, cleaning broody poop is THE MOST REPULSIVE THING EVER. It smells abbsolutely repulsive and is not a pleasant, easy to clean consistency. Serioously, the WORST.
  8. <3 N.C Chicken Chick <3

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    [​IMG] I FIGURED THIS OUT TODAY TOO. It was driveing me crazy [​IMG] Sounds like we are in the same boat, silkie hen broodie, ect... [​IMG] I figured this out after I took her off the nest. So I could clean up her axident [​IMG] I couldn't get the smell to go away so I swiched her box thingie, except she actullay SMELLS like it , its her not poop [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mar 9, 2011
    I just want to say Im with you as I recently had my first broody. And I had no FLIPPIN clue about broody poo, but dang I know now.. Its hard to make me gag, I mean hard.. But when my broody messed in her nest one day I about fell out!! [​IMG]
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  10. Chickiemom25

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    May 13, 2011
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    Noticed the same thing.. The foulest smelling stuff. WHY?????

    Feed didn't change. [​IMG]

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