Finally got an egg from one of my EE pullets


Jul 2, 2018
NE Michigan
We have two EE pullets that are about 22-23 weeks old and one of them FINALLY laid an egg! They are suppose to lay blue eggs and while I feel this one is more green, I'm so EXCITED!!!! Very cool!

One picture in natural light and the other next to our other treasures :) I think we have 4 pullets laying now and our 1 hen. We have 2 EE, 2 buff orpintons and 2 sex links (I think) as part of our flock. Our hen is a brahma mix and lays brown eggs.


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Wow, that's a beautiful egg! :celebrate

Actually EE have no standard of perfection and their eggs can come in just about any color other than white. Your shade may vary throughout her lay cycle with some being lighter.

Your other treasures are gorgeous also. They look pointy side up though and should be stored pointy side down to maintain maximum freshness. :)

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