Finally got decent photos of Meathead, a 5-week old Partridge Rock.

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Mar 1, 2011
Upstate NY
I am pretty sure Meathead is a rooster. (not the first two photos- they're just for comparison- but check out the barechested hunk in photos 3-5.) What are your guesses? I have a chick that is a week older, whose comb is not as tall as this chick's, and a chick that's the same age. Both shown below, caption is *above* the photo. Sorry for the blurry pics, I need to change my camera settings I guess. But at least you can see what you need to see.

First, a chick of the same age as Meathead (named Mini), my smallest bird..

Next, Maxine. The pullet that's a week older than Meathead and Mini.

Now... on the with the photos of Meathead (Taken this morning).


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Maxine in the second photo down? I changed the captions a bit for clarity. The bird in question is meathead, the bare-chested hunk in the 3rd through 5th photos. You think Maxine is a roo?!
Partridge rock pullets have different feather patterns then PR roos, you can go to the and look at the difference. I think yours are pullets, I have PR's and they look like the same feather pattern as mine. Here are mine at 9 1/2 weeks.
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Just in the limited experience I've had here, I think Mini & Maxine are pullets, and Meathead is definitely a cockerel. Looking at his late feathering patterns and those beefy thighs, he just screams "Roo!" to me.
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He does to me too, and this is my first batch of chicks.

This morning I caught running around and chest-bumping everyone. I lured him over with treats and snatched him up and gave him a 5-minute snuggle. He was NOT happy. He calmed down after a bit, but I think I need to work with this guy or he'll be a meanie. If he turns out to be a pullet, I'll be very surprised, but I guess I'll have to find a more flattering name than Meathead.
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