Finally got one in the oven!!

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    Despite the cool company logo this whole chicken thing is still pretty new to me & just like a good college education, learning the hard way about chickens can be expensive.

    The first time I thought I had a broody - she was very ill & needed to be culled. The second time I thought I had a broody - she had mysteriously broken her leg & couldn't walk - Once the others started attacking her it was another cull.

    This time is different (God how I hope)! Someone had told me they had a banty that would go broody every time she heard baby chicks. I have recently became the proud daddy to 3 buff orpington chicks - 1 cockrel & 2 pullets (Just what I wanted). In introducing the 9 week old chicks to the rest of the birds I shook up the flock & moved them all to a new location & had them sit next to the brooder for a day or so.

    This evening was the big move back to the coop, chicks and all.

    Well earlier today our banty was sitting on the Girtrude's egg (Barred Rock). I shooed her away collected the egg & didn't think anything of it. Later she was sitting on her own egg. Again not unusual. By the evening she was sitting on anything that didn't move too fast.

    When I moved the birds back to the coop I picked her up & she has completely plucked her entire belly! Bare as can be. Once in the coop she ran straight for the nest & that is where she is at this moment.

    Finally - Unless there is some mysterious fatal naked belly disease I think I may have what I've been looking for.

    Now I need to get some eggs under her quick.[​IMG]
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    Sounds like it! Man she has it bad!
  3. Vamp-A-Billy Princess

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Cool. Good luck.

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