FINALLY got our eggs from MPC

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    Nov 5, 2012
    We were planning on joining the November hatch-a-long, but MPC decided to ship a week and a half late. So now we will have a December hatch, oh well.

    However, we are pleased with the eggs that we received. We ordered 24 of "assortment-our highest standards" and received 26 marked eggs. We have 9 Rhode Island Reds, 6 Silver Spangled Hamburgs, 6 Blue Andalusians, 4 Blue Ameraucana's(not EEs), and 1 Wheaten Ameraucana. My daughter is in love with the variety and can't wait to see her babies hatch!! She is most excited about the Ameraucana's and also so happy to have white layers(we only had brown and blue before...she couldn't believe how white a white egg was, can you tell we only bought the free range brown eggs? I never realized that she's never seen a white egg-DUH)

    They go into the 'bator tonight at 1AM(this will give them 18 hrs of "rest" and room temp before starting). I am hoping for a decent hatch rate and hope that no broken eggs in transit will also equate to a higher hatch rate...fingers crossed. We also threw in 10 of our own eggs just to fill another carton-and why not, mostly barred rocks, but we have a couple of "barnyard mix"(production red X barred rock), our fertility rate in the eggs we have eaten recently has been about 70%.

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    Good luck with your hatch! And keep us posted...

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