Finally got the Coop (almost) done.


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Kingsville, MD
Thanks to all that went before me. I learned a ton from all the posters her, Thank you.
Here is our addition to the chicken world. It is 8x6, 6' tall in the front. The sub floor is used 3"x7" timbers from an old house. Windows are seperated double hung. All free. Still have to add a people door in the one side and the pop door. The 6 week old cuties are out of the house and living large in the new digs. I'll keep them in for a week and then the fence should be up for thier run. Plus another coat of paint. Those are Opa's roll out nest boxes half in and half out. I'll have to wait a few more months to see how they work. I have the front of the boxes closed off now, I'm thinking it will keep the chicks from hanging out in them for now.


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