Finally got the first eggs!!


12 Years
Sep 5, 2010
So we have been starting to lose faith that our chickens would ever start laying. Our Buff Orpington's are almost 30 weeks and many of our other girls are way over the 16-20 week mark. Well we went down to check on them today and not only did we find our first egg but we found 3 EGGS! Two are from our EE girls and one is either from one of our Buff Orpingtons or it's from our BCMs girl. I think it's too dark to be a Orp egg but I'm not sure. These are their first eggs and they are pretty darn big! I took pictures of them with a Large store bought white egg so everyone could see the sizes and colors better.


Oh they are so lovely! I am happy foryou. It just keeps getting better, and the blush doesn't fade from the rose, next year those eggs will still be a marvel to you. I still love collecting eggs.
Oh the joys of getting those first eggs! To me the joys of getting eggs never seem to get old. I have 5 dozen in the fridge and I still look forward to the next day to see how many I get next. Congrats on first egg!!

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