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Oct 7, 2019
South Korea
Hello, I’m kobra.
Actually, it is not my real name but means a person live in Korea with Brahma species.
About several years ago, i built a house with small backyard to live my wife and my little pretty princess. One year after, i decided to raise chickens for eggs.
At first, I bought 4 highline(?) brown species. 1 man and 3 women.
But they were murdered by my dog!! So, she is living in a steel cage now....
Nowadays, I live with 9 Brahmas and 14 easter eggers.
Easter eggers is for blue/green eggs. In South Korea, people believe that green eggs have more nutrients than other colored eggs. But I don't know, the taste is same for me and my family.
Brahma is for breeding(One of my hobby^^). I have gold and blue/gold pairs. And two BSO hens, one Blue lite hen, and two BSO roosters with different color. But i can't ensure if the two roosters are really BSO.....
Gold and blue/gold brahmas are almost 8 month years old. It's not long before the hen lays her eggs.(???)
My another hobby is playing golf. When i practicing approach shot in the backyard, my bird friends run away from me...... :gig
Actually, I found this community long before and got some information in raising chickens. Nowadays, my curiosity growing bigger than before. So, I joined here. Although I don't have much information about chicken, I hope someday I can help others.

Below is my semi-adult brahms.



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