Finally laying!


10 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Kingman Arizona
I had just about given up on some hens I got back in November that haven't laid a single egg since I got them. And then yesterday, I found a perfect brown egg in the coop. What a surprise! If our grocery store carried brown eggs, I would have accused my husband of planting that one in there was that perfectly shaped and colored! And today, I found a matching one.
I'm pretty sure they're from the Plymouth Rock hen, but this morning the EE was sitting on the egg looking curiously around at the nest, so maybe she will follow soon! Yay eggs!

I started giving them some cayenne pepper in their feed a week ago. Maybe that's what did it. That and finally being able to see the sun instead of pouring rain.
Oh Congrats! Isn't that just the most fun when you find those first eggs! I have to ask....I've never heard of anybody feeding their chickens cayenne pepper........what is the purpose of that? You know, the pepper may affect the flavor of the eggs.....I know onions and garlic will......

Anyhow, YIPPIE! Feels just like Christmas or your Birthday, huh?

I found a egg today from one of my girls too!!! I also thought they would never start laying!
I only have one that does and she has only been laying for a few weeks and she has already gone broody on
me. It is so exciting when you go out and finally get a egg!
You have to have chickens to truly enjoy that feeling. A few people I have told are like wip dee do and i'm
like you just don't get it!!!!!!!!!

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