Finally!! My noise complaint


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Mar 22, 2011
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Well the day finally arrived.

I received a call from our City's Code Enforcement officer this afternoon regarding the noise my three hens make. First, he needed to confirm that I had chickens. I told him yes, I have three. He seemed a little shocked by that, maybe thinking I had more based on the complaint. I explained that I lock them up every night and let them out no earlier than 7:00 am (our noise ordinance is 7 am - 10 pm). Luckily, he has chickens too so completely understands what I'm dealing with. He asked what kind I had. 2 BO's and an BA. "Oh, those are good layers!" LOL!!! My girls are loud when they lay eggs (naturally) and occasionally when they want to come out of the run into the yard. I've been home for the last 5 days and this is a standard behavior.

I suspect neighbors directly to the south of me called in the complaint. There are two condos south and older folks live in them. One neighbor has a yowly cat she tethers occasionally in her backyard. I rarely hear the cat and never at night. The other has a yippy chihuahua that starts barking at 930 pm EVERY night. Sometimes we are blessed with several rounds of yippy at later hours of the night too.

I feel I should go and introduce myself, let them know I have chickens and ask if they are bothered by them. What is the best way to do this?

I know how some posters feel about folks raising chickens in the city. Our chickens are pets, an odd choice of pets but pets none the less. And, I like the fact that we can get our eggs fresh from the back yard. I am also using this experience to teach my daughter the responsibility of raising an animal that "gives" back something tangible. Cats are great, but they don't give food back unless you count them barfing up their food on my couch. Sorry, a moment of humor!

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on how to approach these neighbors regarding my noisy chickens. Thanks in advance!


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Apr 14, 2011
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That might help, but gee I can't believe they are that loud. I have 4 and they are very quite. They bawk and squawk but it's never loud enough to bother anyone. maybe bring the complaining neighbors some fresh eggs?


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May 5, 2011
Otley, Leeds, England
I too live in an 'urban' situation. I have 3 hens also, but three juveniles as well. One of my hens makes a real racket in the morning and a few neighbours complained to us. I simply said that we were doing every thing we can to stop the noise and then gave them some fresh eggs. No complaints since. Maybe you should try and give your neighbours sone eggs once in a while. Try and explain to them that it's a natural thing for chickens to squawk occasionally.
hope this helps


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Aug 27, 2011
New haven, IN
I accidentally was given a roo instead of a hen. Got one complaint from his crowing and he went to a farm. Now the hens cackling seems quiet compared to his his loud voice.


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Apr 7, 2010
I'd be careful with the insulation board--I've heard of chickens eating Styrofoam. If that's what you had in mind.


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Oct 6, 2010
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Yea, I too am curious what others have to say. I've not received any complaints yet. But I frequently hear a round of BOK BOK BAA GAWK every morning around 7am. They go on and on for 3-5 minutes and will do this again several times throughout the day as their is an egg to celebrate or just because they can.

The neighbors closest to me said they don't mind. They also have two little boys so they probably don't even hear my cackling hens most of the time.

I used to rush outside and give them treats when they made noise but I quickly learned I was reinforcing their bad behavior.

As embarrassed as I am by their noise, it's no worse than the neighbors barking dogs, the ice cream truck or the crow that sit in our trees and run their beaks for hours on end.

But I'd love to have some ammunition ready in case I get that knock on my door.


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Sep 27, 2008
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The way CDA's ordinance is written you can have as many hens as you want so long as you don't have a rooster right? If that's the case I'd say someone needs a hobby. Also I wouldn't worry about sound proofing a bloody thing. As long as you are legal as far as the city is concerned then it's your neighbors who have the problem.


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Mar 27, 2009
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My Coop
Personally, I wouldn't do a thing. I'm not a big fan of pacifying neighbors with eggs. If you pay attention, you'll realize that everyday neighborhood noises such as dogs barking, cars accelerating, kids playing, loud stereos, birds chirping, lawn mowers, power washers, leaf blowers, etc., are just as loud if not louder than your hens. If you're not violating any city ordinances then don't worry about it.

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