Finally posting after a year of reading due to roosters death

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    Apr 18, 2016
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    Hi everyone! I've been frequenting backyard chickens for over a year now which is when I first got two chicks. I had hoped to get a couple hens to lay eggs and have as pets. Months later I discovered I had been raising two roosters! I had them both living together up until a month ago. I rehomed one to a friend at work. I gave her my white Silkie rooster who was the aggressive one. I kept the Polish rooster whom I had grown quite fond of. I had named him Tilly before I knew he was make but kept the name because Tilly just fit him. So one week ago I finally found a hen to bring home to accompany Tilly. She is a 12 month old cinnamon queen. I brought her home April 9. Everything has seemingly gone well. Hattie my new hen started laying three days after she came home and Tilly was his normal goofy rooster self. Last night and this am we received quite a bit of rain. I went outside in the afternoon to check on the two of them. Hattie was walking around normal but I didn't see Tilly. I panicked a but and went to the cool but it was empty. I kept looking around thinking maybe he somehow escaped his enclosed area. However I found my sweet Tilly dead out in his yard. I am so upset over this. I picked him up and looked him over and didn't see any signs of trauma. What could have happened?? I keep obsessing over the thought my hen Hattie had something to do with his death- like she was carrying something contagious??? What do you all think?? I'm so sad and upset over Tilly's sudden death. My best friend even came over and we buried him and had a little funeral for him. I just am concerned I could have done something to prevent this. Help!
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    I'm sorry you lost Tilly, that's always hard to lose an animal we get attached to.

    I can't tell you what happened to him but it is recommended that any new birds be isolated for 30 days before putting with your existing flock (or rooster in your case). That gives you time to verify the new chicken is healthy and not carrying any pests or illness.

    Again, sorry for your loss.
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    [​IMG] Hello, glad to have you join us.

    So sorry about your loss [​IMG]- I have lost 3 of my small flock over the past year and still grieve for those sweet gals. I just lost one of my 3 yo hens last week.

    It is possible the newcomer did have an illness that she did not exhibit and may be immune to, but could pass it to a flock member. Or something was already wrong with Tilly and she was hiding it - we don't usually notice internal problems until they are quite ill.

    Without a necropsy you will never know the answer - and IMO even if you did, the loss is still hard to accept.

    Hope you will add more to keep the newcomer happy - and would recommend some isolation for integration if you do.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC, but sorry that it is not under better circumstances that we have the opportunity to greet you.

    All the best

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    Hi and welcome emmaablema

    so sorry you lost your Tilly [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    I am so sorry. My friend has house chickens, and one day found her rooster Tiffany (you know how that goes) dead. He was 5 years ago and no signs of any problem. She had 3 bantam hens with him and he was their protector.

    Maybe get your hen a couple of friends but, hold off on getting any rooster, till you feel more comfortable with the idea. Sadly a lot of chickens old or young just turn up dead, leaving no clues.
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