Finally spring hit us.


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Jul 12, 2007
Newport, MI
I was outside raking out the flower garden for the chickens to peck. outside of the flower garden I planted some hyacynth bulbs. as I was raking up the old grass I saw them popping up. I just planted tulips today so hopefully they will pop out soon
I know but we won them at a raffle or "tricky tray". 400 tulip bulbs. If they grow they grow. if not oh well.

I only planted 5 bulbs to see what we get
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I am so excited to see things coming up in my flowerbeds!! Daffodills, hyacinth's, tulips, the lilies are starting...I couldn't be happier!
I'd plant your bulbs....lucky you for winning them!
Last year my brother had one of those Easter flower stands & I got dozens of hyacinth bulbs....the flowers were dying off but as far as I can tell (can't remember where I put all of them) they're all coming up.
I can make an offer. I can send you a bag of tulips for the shipping price if you like? We got black night and another color. I think late something.

My favorite is in my flower garden. butterfly bushes!

forgot to add: the bag consist of 32 or 36 bulbs
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Deal! PM me with an amount & an address and I'll send you a money order.....unless you accept plastic lol.

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